Weight loss can be one of the most satisfying areas of work for the hypnotist. It can also be one of the most intricate areas of hypnotic work. Guiding a person into hypnosis and simply telling them they will become slim, trim and attractive can work in rare cases, but it usually requires much more than that.

Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is a constant battle for many. Some people find a feeling of well-being in the eating process. Helping a person obtain their ideal weight with hypnotism is what most seasoned hypnotists are known for. Unless a person's overweight condition is related to medical problems, hypnosis can be very successful, provided the hypnotist has a firm knowledge of how to match the correct technique to each client.

As people, of course we are not all the same. One hypnotic approach will not this work for everyone. This is one reason why the success rate for the large group hypnosis weight loss programs at the local hotels is extremely low. A skilled hypnotist is trained in many hypnotic approaches to the challenge and will be able to match each individual to the most successful approach giving each person the greatest potential for success.