Most people have heard about a woman who tried and tried and tried to start a family and could not become pregnant. After much heartache, she finally gives up the idea of having her own children and decides to adopt instead. Then, some time along the way thereafter when all the stress and difficulty of trying has drifted into the past and voila! She is suddenly with child.

The reduction of stress is significant in this scenario. Hypnotism is an exceptional method that purposely reduces stress. Add to that specifically designed protocol to help women experiencing infertility, and hypnosis becomes a strong and valid tool for women with "unexplained infertility" as well as a complement to medical procedures.

Hypnotic techniques enhance the mind/body connection. Studies have shown that this greatly improves the success of natural and also medically assisted fertility. Hypnosis supports conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond. It has been used for centuries in these areas.

By the time people seek the services of a Certified Hypnotist in any area of their lives, they have typically already tried everything else. Hypnotism can help reduce the stress of past failed attempts as well as restore lost confidence.

Hypnosis for Fertility and Childbirth